Innovation Projects

Awareness of emerging technologies is just the first step to transformation.

If artificial intelligence, virtual reality and 3D printing will impact your industry tomorrow, what will you do today?

ExO Sprint

“Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st.”

An ExO Sprint is a repeatable process which helps your organization to move forward 3 years in just 10 weeks.
It lets you transform and navigate external industry disruption while suppressing the internal immune system reaction.

The Sprint embeds ExO thinking across the organization and drives the behavioral change needed to quickly adapt to the changing market place.

Expected outcome:

  • Awareness of the external disruption affecting your industry and role
  • A changed mindset with participants thinking exponentially
  • A portfolio of breakthrough Core and Edge projects to radically transform the organization ready for implementation
  • Internal capabilities to run future ExO Sprints with or without support
  • ExO Sprint Alumni or ExO Sprint Champion Certification

ExO Sprints can be run online and offline.

Want us to run a workshop or ExO Sprint to create a sense of urgency and guide your organization into the future? Let’s talk.